Snore remedy reviews offer product information on the best selling anti-snoring devices to help you stop snoring and get a good nights sleep.

Snore remedy devices are a popular way to completely eliminate snoring. While snoring may not seem like a serious issue, not only can it be disturbing to your partner when sleeping, it also can cause certain health risks, snoring is usually a sign of certain health problems.

What causes snoring?

This is probably one of the most common questions most of us have, the interesting thing is that if we snore, we often are not aware of it, anyone who does snore usually hears about it from someone else. The cause of someone snoring is usually due to when air flow is restricted either through the nose or mouth, some of the things that can restrict airflow may include the following:

Obstructed flow of air through the nose:  This is a common in people who suffer from allergies or a cold, a sinus infection can also deform the nasal airways causing blockage, people who suffer from a deviated septum also tend to snore.

A long palate or uvula: The uvula is the small ball of tissue in the back of the throat, sometimes a combination of a soft palate and a large uvula can narrow the opening between the nose and the throat, if the two vibrate or bump up against each other it can cause snoring.

Fatty or bulky throat tissue: Overweight people tend to have an excess of fatty tissue which blocks the airway to the throat which may cause snoring, younger children with large tonsils may also snore due to the air flow restrictions from the tonsils.

Poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat: Muscle tone begins to decrease as people age, however, people who are extremely relaxed because of alcohol consumption or sleeping pills may tend to snore more because of a very relaxed throat or tongue muscle.

Snore Remedy - Couple in bed snoring

Health risks from snoring

Probably one of the most severe health risks caused by snoring is heart problems, people who suffer from sleep apnea tend to have high blood pressure and may cause the heart to enlarge over time which may cause the risk of heart attack and stroke, other issues may include:

Breathing interruptions: If you have woken up in the middle of the night choking,  this may be a sign of interrupted breathing, this can last for a few seconds or even minutes, this is caused by partial or complete blockage of the airways.

Poor nights sleep:  Snoring can cause interrupted or restless sleep even though you don’t realize it which is why you may wake up the next day feeling tired and groggy.

Light sleeping: Can also cause a poor night sleep, the ability to achieve rem sleep levels (deep sleep) can leave you tired and lethargic the next day.

Many people snore but are not aware of it, yet one great nights sleep can make all  difference in how you feel the next day when you wake up, your are mentally alert, energized and you feel great, unfortunately snoring causes the total opposite, over the last few years sleep remedies and devices have provided thousands of men and women with an effective way to eliminate snoring altogether.

Benefits of using an anti snore device and remedy:

  • You no longer will annoy your bed partner or anyone around you
  • You will get a better nights rest
  • Completely eliminate sleep deprivation
  • Eliminate problems with sleep Apnea

Best Selling Anti Snore Device

There are many different anti snore devices sold, question is, which one is best? Like most products you buy you do get what you pay for, so purchasing a cheaply made snore device will do you no good, mainly because it will be uncomfortable to wear, this is not to say that all anti snore devices are expensive, there are some very reasonably priced anti snore devices that are comfortable to wear and very affordable.

Airsnore anti snore mouthpiece and herbal tonic

airsnorecompletekitThe Airsnore is a brand new product and offers something a little more than other anti snore devices, the unit comes with soft mouthpiece that easily adapts to anyone’s mouth, it is simple to use, before you use the Airsnore device for the first time you place the mouthpiece in warm water for a few minutes, place in your mouth and bite down until it cools, this will ensure a proper fit.

The Airsnore comes with an herbal sleep tonic to help relax you before you go to bed making it a complete solution for those who suffer from snoring. => Click here to read our full review